Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Me Oh My!

We all know that time flies, but every now and again it really hits me. Today is the last day of summer and tomorrow autumn begins! My mom is still hanging on, but of course we don't know how much longer she'll be with us and my daughter's wedding in California is fast approaching.

I thought I had tons of time to prepare for the wedding, but now that there are only a few weeks left, I realize that there is a lot left to organize. Flowers have been taken care of and the smoked salmon is being shipped in from Josephson's (yummy!!) but my daughter needs to decide on the guests' dessert tray ASAP so I can get that ordered. Thank heavens for the internet!

I did go out and buy my mother-of-the-bride dress, (but still have to get shoes), and I have decided on the jewelery (pearls) and other accessories. For me a dress is a big deal as I'm a blue jeans mama and dresses aren't my most comfortable attire. But, as mother-of-the-bride, a dress is mandatory and at least I found one I absolutely love.

So, for now, my writing and superflurous emails have gone by the wayside, although I'm still reading and researching Northern traditions, myths, and music.


Cherri Galbiati said...

So happy for you with the upcoming wedding! What's the old saying, "you're not losing a daughter, but gaining a son-in-law?" How wonderful! Sounds like you have everything under control. (I want to see lots of pics of you in your Mother-Of-The-Bride's dress and of course of Beth's wedding, too!)

Congratulations and let's hear it for AUTUMN!

Diana said...

I really like my future son-in-law! My hubby likes him, too...at least as much as he could like anyone who was marrying his baby. Obviously, no man is really good enough.