Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A clean office makes such a difference!

Usually when I enter my office I keep my eyes straight ahead so I won't see the mess. But, yesterday, I decided that Cleaning my office was a priority and I spent four hours filing, organizing, and chunking unwanted papers. I wish I had a before picture for comparison.

Okay, I can still see where some works needs to be done, but gee whiz! And, for some reason, a clean office makes for a happy writer!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Ninth Lord of the Night

Ninth Lord of the Night was a difficult novel to write. It literally took years of research and then a trip to Guatemala for background information. What I wanted was for the reader to actually experience the majesty of Tikal and the wonders of the rain forest through reading the book. Nothing can compare with actually being there, but so many people can't make a trip like this and I wanted to share my experiences.

Then, there was the actual writing itself. I chose a circular storyline where the ending comes full circle to the beginning. In the beginning, a Mayan shaman sees Zack in a vision and in the end, Zack sees the Mayan shaman peering through the jungle brush in a photograph.

Between the beginning and the end of the novel is an exciting coming of age story of a boy on a journey of both self-discovery and knowledge who will risk his life to return to the Mayan people a valuable lost artifact.
And, of course, there has to be a girl. The girl Zack falls for is Maria, also fighting her own demons of self-discovery.

Then there is the bad guy who's an artifacts smuggler. Smuggling of precious artifacts is a major problem in Guatemala. Raymond is mean and vicious and will stop at nothing to get what he wants - even murder.

Ninth Lord of the Night is available as an ebook at Amazon or in print through any retailer.

Saturday, November 2, 2013


I can't believe it's November already. Where, or where did this year go? On the one hand, a lot has happened - Hubby and I finally moved into our Dream Home and we're still adding this item and that item to make the house exactly the way we want. Anyone read Shanon Grey's books in The Gatekeeper series, The Shoppe of Spells and Meadow's Keep? Well, both of these books are set in the fictional town of Rutherford and Shanon Grey's writing and descriptions of the small village of Rutherford and the gardens behind The Shoppe of Spells are so delightful that I've decided to do my best to recreate that garden. My landscaping won't come together until the spring and I'm not sure how many of the plants Shanon Grey describes will actually grow in S.E. Texas, but I'll do my best. (If you haven't read these books, then I recommend them highly. Great writing, characters and plot.)

Meadow's Keep on

I'm glad Halloween is finally over. It's a fun holiday, but these year it seemed that I overloaded on witches and ghosties and scary movies - oh, my! Added to that were all the cute pictures on Facebook and Pininterest. Too many vampire and werewolf novels, and waaaay too much candy. Especially the candy. I don't think I'm going to want any kind of sugar for at least six months, which is shame since the holidays are right around the corner. With luck, I'll recover from my sugar high before I have to make the cherry pie for Thanksgiving dinner.

Back to it being November. Flipped the page of the calendar from October to November and couldn't help but smile at the new picture by Mary Singleton. I love Mary Singleton's folk art. Here's an example:


Wish I could make it larger, but here's the link to a Mary Singleton Pinterest page with nice big pictures! Beautiful artwork! I wish I could show you this month's picture, but it's under copyright. (The calendars are published by Lang.)

 Here's wishing everyone a great weekend!

Monday, May 21, 2012


Richard was a bully who insulted everyone around him. No wonder he was murdered. The question was, "Who did it?" His sister-in-law who despised him? Or, his trophy wife who had to beg for every penny? Written in the style of Dame Agatha, THE END OF THE TOUR is filled with campy characters, a cozy setting, and a final twist!

Amazon Reader Reviews:


"The End of the Tour comes recommended with FIVE stars! For an entertaining read -cuddled on the sofa with a glass of wine by the fire--this is the story to devour!"

"Driver has woven a mystery full of dialogue and well crafted characters. I read the book in one sitting and it kept pulling right up to its very well thought-out ending."

"This clever little story presents the reader with the murder of a boorish writer. The characters are interesting and human, and the plot is skillfully handled."

"I wholeheartedly recommend this mystery short."

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Art Prints

One of the finest paintings of Odin that I've seen.

Friday, December 16, 2011

2011 - What a Year!


(March 2011)

(September 2011)

If I could keep Time in a Bottle, I'd sip it sparingly. As it is, time seems to spill out of control like milk poured over the kitchen countertop.

Our family has seen the birth of TWO beautiful children. Cypress Elaine was born to my daughter Beth (making me a GRANDMOTHER!) and Dixie Savannah was born to my nephew Christian (making me a GREAT-AUNT!)

Also, this year has seen some of my family members come together in a spirit of forgiveness after years of estrangement. Being united as a 'complete' family is a joy that's immeasurable and I'm very proud of the steps that everyone has made.

I'm also very proud of the grown children in my family; the choices they've made and the adults they've grown into. Beth and Brandon and Kelly and Christian are, of course, relishing their new roles as parents while Denise and Ben are continuing their passions of music, new technologies, and gardening fruits and vegetables with heritage seeds.

2011 has also been a great year to be a writer. The sales for my two little Indie titles, The End of the Tour and Ninth Lord of the Night have been in the thousands and believe me when I say that those are numbers I never dreamed  I'd ever see. Of course, high sales numbers bring monthly deposits from Amazon, so I think about Amazon pretty much like kids think about Santa Claus. What new joy will Amazon offer to Indie Writers? The latest opportunity is Amazon's Kindle Select Lending Library and the promotional campaigns.

I'd be remiss if I neglected to mention my friends who've shared my joys this past year and who've allowed me to share theirs. I especially want to mention multi-published mystery author, Cherri Galbiati. Cherri and I have been friends for years and she not only began her career as an Indie Author before I did, but she's encouraged and guided me every step of the way. Her advice has been invaluable and greatly appreciated. Thank you, Cherri!

And, of course, I need to mention my husband who's always been my rock.